Custom RTMP Guide for XSplit Broadcaster

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017 07:35PM HKT
This guide will show you how to use Custom RTMP in XSplit Broadcaster
How to access Custom RTMP in XSplit Broadcaster:
1. Go to XSplit Broadcaster Outputs > Add Channel > Custom RTMP
2. On the Custom RTMP Properties you will need to enter the information from your channel like RTMP URL and Stream Key/Name
  • Name - Enter the name of the channel source
  • Description - Describe the channel or provide information of the channel (optional)
  • RTMP URL - Enter the RTMP Server URL of your channel for example on Twitch you can get the RTMP URL here:, copy and paste the RTMP URL of the ingest server that you want to use.
  • Stream Name or Stream Key - You can get this on your channel information for example on Twitch go to Twitch Dashboard and go to Stream Key tab then click on "Show Key"
3. After entering all the necessary information, you can now set your stream settings like bitrate and codec.
4. When done just press Ok and you can start your stream on your channel using XSplit Broadcaster "Custom RTMP" 

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