XSplit Broadcaster - How to stream on Facebook

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017 07:36PM HKT
First, you will need to have XSplit Broadcaster installed. You can get it here.
Once you have XSplit Broadcaster installed, launch XSplit Broadcaster.
Now to set-up your Facebook Live we will need to add and install the Facebook plugin for XSplit Broadcaster.
  • Go to Outputs > Set-up a new output > Get more outputs
  • On the Plugin store search for Facebook Live
  • Install Facebook Live plugin
  • Now you have Facebook plugin on your list of Outputs, you can add this by going to Outouts > Add New Output > then select Facebook.
  • Now let us set-up your Facebook broadcast settings
  • On your Facebook Live properties "Authorize" your account using your Facebook credentials.
  • On Post As select where you would like to have your stream to apepar. Using XSplit Facebook plugin you can select where you would like to stream, either on your Facebook main profile or one of the Pages that you manage.
  • On Title (optional) set the name/title of your stream.
  • On Description (optional) you can let the viewers know what is the content of your stream.
  • On Privacy set whether you want to set your stream into Public, Friends or Only me.

For your Video Encoding settings:
Note: Facebook currently has some limitations, for example the maximum resolution and frame rate they can receive is 720p@30fps and the recommended maximum bitrate is 2,500 kbps.
  • Codec: x264(default), you can use other codecs that are available on your system (e.g. Quicksync, NVENC, AMD VCE).
  • Bitrate: The higher the bitrate the better the quality, but the higher bandwidth it needs. It is recommended to set your bitrate by half of your upload speed. For example if you have 5 mbps upload speed you can set your bitrate to 2,500.
  • Mode: CBR (default)
  • Keyframe: 2 (recommended)
  • Preset: very fast (default)
Once everything is set-up click on Ok to save the settings.
Now you can start broadcasting live on your Facebook!

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