How to use Snaz with XSplit Broadcaster

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015 05:06PM HKT
First, you will need to get Snaz here: download
Make the font size VERY large and then downscale it in the scene. (I see to many users just up scaling text files in the scene (with mouse) and don't touch the font size :) With a blurry results afterwards. (This TIP is for reading any text file)
Snaz is able to let you add: Is able to stream the next : System time System date Countdown to specified time (Stream a time countdown live. Ex. Stream live in: 0h 30m 12s) Chrono Down : Countdown from value Chrono Up : Count up from value Text line Changer Extended Amount of current Twitch viewers System Info: Capture and stream data real time like cpu usage, ram, processes, up- and download speed Dynamic Files: create a text file by choice and link it to any online source Playing now: with song, artist, album, album image – (Supported: Spotify, Foobar2000)
Time Output format info :
  • Example $hh $mm $ss will go live as: 1h 25m 12s
  • Example $hh $mm will go live as: 1h 25m
  • Example $h:$m:$s will go live as: 1:25:12
  • Example Stream live in: $h:$m will go live as: Stream live in: 1:25
Time Output format AM/PM info :
  • Same as above but the letters $tt wil output AM/PM
  • Example $h:$m:$s $tt will go live as: 1:25:12 AM
Date Output format info :
  • dddd dd MMMM yyyy > Tuesday 25 june 2013
  • dd MMMM yyyy > 25 june 2013
  • dd-MM-yyyy > 25-06-2013
Chrono Down Ouput format info :
  • $h:$m:$s > 05:22:23
Once you have downloaded and install Snaz.
Launch Snaz.
Then launch XSplit Broadcaster, to add a Time on XSplit Broadcaster using Snaz go to Add Source > Text
Then go to Edit Script > Template > Load Text from Local drive
Then go back to Snaz and copy the path of the Time output.
After copying the file path from Snaz go to XSplit Broadcaster and paste the file path on the text source.
Then it would show up like this on XSplit Broadcaster depending on your time output format. Image shows $h:$m:$s $tt time format
The same can be done on other features of Snaz you can add the Twitch Viewer counts, Chrono's Timer and now Playing music title. By just copy and pasting the file path from Snaz to XSplit Broadcaster "Text" source Load Text from Local File.

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