How to use Nightbot DJ on XSplit Broadcaster

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2015 09:39PM HKT
First, you will need to create a Nightbot account here.
Integrate your Nightbot to your Twitch TV account and add it as a moderator in your channel.
Watch YouTube video here:

Download Nightbot AutoDJ here: download
Once you have downloaded Nightbot AutoDJ extract the file on any location.
Open the file named "Settings" using notepad.
Then input your Twitch account username. Then save (Ctrl+S or File > Save)
Once you have entered your Twitch account on the configuration settings. Run "currentsong"
After running "currentsong" a cmd prompt should show up. Showing the current song playing and the user that requested the song.
Now that your Nightbot AutoDJ is set-up run XSplit Broadcaster.
To add the title of the current playing song go to Add Source > Text.
On Text source go to Edit Script then on template select "Load text from Local File."
On "Load text from local file" file path, select the folder where you extracted currentsongwindows3.0 zip file then select the text file you want to show on XSplit Broadcaster for example currentSongName.txt, it would show the text of the current playing song title.
It would show up like this on XSplit Broadcaster.

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