How to enable Quicksync codec

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2015 06:24PM HKT

What is Quick Sync?

Quick Sync is Intel’s hardware video encoding and decoding technology, which was integrated in their Sandy Bridge line of CPUs beginning in January 2011.  

How does XSplit use Quick Sync?

XSplit can use Quick Sync’s H.264 encoder to offload some of the CPU usage in regards to streaming and recording. For recording Quick Sync is usually the default encoder if available, for streaming x264 will usually remain the default encoder as it provides higher quality at lower bitrates.

How can I check if I can use Quick Sync?

First you will need to check if your CPU supports Quick Sync.  Most all intel i5 and i7 CPUs beyond the first generation support Quick Sync. If in doubt visit this site to check if your Intel processor supports Quick Sync. (

Next, in order for Quick Sync to be available the internal HD graphics adapter of your CPU must be enabled. Go to the control panel  and then to the device manager.  Click on the display adapters pull down menu to check if there is an Intel HD Graphics device (HD 3000 or higher) active as shown in the picture below.

If you don’t see an Intel HD Graphics device then you will have to activate it in the system BIOS.  Due to the variety of system BIOS, please consult your PC’s BIOS user manual to enable Intel HD integrated graphics.

NOTE: Motherboards using  first generation P67 chipset does NOT allow the activation of  Intel HD Integrated graphics.


Windows 8 Quick Sync Tips:

As long as your can see Intel HD graphics in your device manager you will be able to use Quick Sync in XSplit.

Windows 7 Quick Sync Tips:

On Windows 7 the Intel HD Graphics device must be connected to a monitor in order for Quick Sync to be enabled.  If you only have your monitor(s) connected to your dedicated Nvidia or AMD  graphics card then you can use the following guide to enable Quick Sync by creating a dummy monitor.  

1) Go to your screen resolution menu by right clicking on the desktop and selecting the screen resolution option.  From this window press the detect button.  Two additional displays will pop up.

2) Select the display with the notification that states “Available display output on: Intel HD Graphics XXXX”.  Under the “Multiple Displays”  menu select try to connect anyway on VGA.  Click Apply and ok.

3) Under the multiple displays menu select “Extend these displays” and click apply, then ok.  Your display configuration should look like the picture below.

4) Congratulations!  You are now ready to use Quick Sync with XSplit! 


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