How to unblock Port 443

Last Updated: May 13, 2016 08:44PM HKT

If you have problems using XSplit to certain streaming services, please check that you can communicate to the internet on port TCP/443 (https) because some services require that port for security. If you cannot use https, you will need to unblock it and allow it. In some cases you may need to speak to your network admin or consult with your closest nerd friend. :)


There's plenty of guides on the subject on the internet, but to get you started, we have created an ultra simple test case.


Please see if you can access


If your browser returns "Unable to access network" (Please see attached image)  it is likely that your computer, router or network is blocking port TCP/443.


The next step requires a little bit of trouble shooting. Your https traffic can be blocked in various places (running software) or by various devices such as your router. We cannot give you a foolproof guide here, but please contact our Support Team if you're unable to get personal assistance locally.


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