XSplit 1.3 Scene Control

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015 01:53PM HKT
My latest creation is the XSplit Scene Control app, which has two independent features:
  • 1. It allows you to selectively control muting/un-muting of your speakers and microphone based on the selected scene.
  • 2. Setup a countdown-based scene rotation.
Note 1: The mute/un-mute feature requires the speaker+mic to be set in un-muted mode at app start. If you get opposite results just reverse them in the XSplit window.
Note 2: This is not a plug-in - it is a stand alone app.
Note 3: Requires .Net Framework 3.5.
Latest versions:
I fully expect this app to be obsolete sooner or later, as these functions probably (?) will find their way into a later release of XSplit. But until then, I hope you will find it useful.
For anyone who cares, the app works by calling basic API routines (enumwindows, sendmessage etc.) to read text of and click the controls in the XSplit window. It also monitors the "Placements" reg-key to keep track of the selected scene. These methods are very likely to break if/when the dev team re-design the UI of XSplit. So, I fully expect the app to stop working at some point, but if need be a new version can be made
The app and it's source is of course free and can be downloaded here:
XSplit Scene Control
by: HellGreen

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