How to use Spotify Tracker on XSplit Broadcaster

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015 03:24PM HKT
Hi everyone,
Thought id share my very minimized spotifytracker application. The application looks up the spotify process and gets the title of what you are currently playing and outputs it to a txt file of your choise.
The application is only running with a worker thread and the main windows thread, with very optimized code so it's a really great simple tool that can help you add your listning information to your viewers without causing your system to use unwanted resources on other stuff.
Of course the application is free for use, donations are welcome but absolutely not required! Enjoy...
Feedback and reviews are very welcome
Tested and works on Windows 10 and lastest Spotify version!
- Included Album art (Art.jpg)
- Changed to static output file convention for simplicity.
- Added application icon.
by: Emmortan

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