How to use Deepbot with XSplit Broadcaster

Last Updated: Nov 24, 2015 09:50PM HKT
First, you need to get DeepBot here.
How to install DeepBot:
Then download the latest version of XSplit Broadcaster here.
Here is how to add DeepBot notification as source on XSplit Broadcaster.
Launch DeepBot and XSplit Broadcaster.
On DeepBot connect the Twitch account of your Bot and the Twitch account you will be using to stream.
Once your Twitch account are connected, set-up your follower notification.
Once you have already set-up your follower notification to your liking on DeepBot go to your XSplit Broadcaster, then go to Add Source > Other > Webpage URL.
On the Webpage URL address bar copy and paste this following URL:
Once added right click on the added source and on resolution set it to custom 500x100 for the exact resolution of the image.
To test on how it would look like go back to Deepbot Follower Notification setting then click on "Preview."
The "dur=" field in the link indicates the duration of how long the notification should stay on the default is 10000, you can decrease or increase this.
You can also add a "Donation" notification using this URL: with resolution 800x370
It should show up like this on your XSplit Broadcaster viewport if you do some tests.
Additionally DeepBot has it's own Twitch Chat overlay that you can use aswell.
On your DeepBot application go to the “Chat” tab. Make sure that “External Chat” is checked.
Then add the Twitch Chat overlay of DeepBot as source using this URL:
There are some ways you can customize the DeepBot notification for example replace the image being used or change the fonts and colors.
For more details on how to customize the DeepBot notification go here.
Her are the list of DeepBot URL's that you can use on XSplit Brodcaster.
Donation Notification
Sub Notification:
Follower Notification
Donation Target Tracker
Donation Target Tracker Horizontal
Drag Race on Screen Display
Host Notification
Leaderboard Widget
Twitch Chat overlay
Sub Target Tracker
Very important make sure that when you are using a quote on your CSS make sure that you use the double quote " since currently single quote ' is not detected and will not work on XSplit.

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