How to use Twitch Alert on XSplit Broadcaster

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016 05:13PM HKT
First, you will need XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 or above you can get it here: download
Next go to Twitch Alert dashboard.
On the upper right corner of the website click on “Launch Twitch Alert” you will be prompted to Authorize your Twitch Account once you have authorize your account you will be redirected to Twitch Alert dashboard, under stream widgets go to "Alert Box" and copy the API key for your notification.
Once you have the URL for your Twitch Alerts notification.
  • Launch XSplit Broadcaster.
  • Go to Add Source > Other > Webpage URL.
  • On the Add Webpage URL add the URL of your Twitch Alerts notification.
  • You can test your notification if everything works fine, under Alert Previews click on either follower, subscription or others depending on which notification you would like to test.
  • Here is a sample notification using Twitch Alerts on XSplit Broadcaster.
*Important* - If you encounter an issue regarding Twitch Alerts having no audio make sure you have installed Flash Player for Opera and Chromium PPAPI.
If, you have any questions or concern regarding using Twitch Alerts visit their support forum: Click Here

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