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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015 02:10PM HKT
RutonyChat gets chat messages from various stream-related websites and shows them to you in a separate window or a browser. You can select styling from a variety of themes or even make your own with HTML/CSS.
RutonyChat is intended to create a better experience for you viewers replacing simple window-captured chat with something designed more apropriately for showing on video.
It also can be customized to fit the style of your current stream graphics or the game you’re playing.
There are also a few other cool things for your stream right from the box. Check out the feature list below.
RutonyChat features
  • Supports chats from Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox, Goodgame, Sc2tv, GipsyTeam, GamersTV, Cybergame, Funstream, Reall, Welovegames
  • Supports all emoticons (including 3rd party developers BTTV & FFZ)
  • Shows color nicknames
  • Highlights messages to streamer (you can set all the names to highlight in the settings)
  • Themes with different message animation (see gifs in the Screenshot section)
  • 30+ themes in the box
  • Chat polls
  • Sub icons for twitch
  • Ignore list
  • Notifications for Twitch followers and subscribers,, and donations, Goodgame followers, subscribers and donations, Sc2tv donations (alternative TwitchAlerts)
  • Labels for last subscriber, top donation, etc.
  • Simple Twitch bot with static replies
Examples themes:
Some streamers how used my chat program
and more other streamers, over 300
Windows 7+
.NET Framework 3.5 Installed
Internet Explorer 11 (there’s no need to use it, you just need to have one installed)
How to get:
You can buy RutonyChat for just $10. It includes all the features listed above. You can also order custom themes (if you don’t know how to create one yourself) for the additional fee (prices may vary).
For payment Specify additional instructions to the seller, your stream channels and information how I can contact you. Or you can contact with me via skype for more information: tony.spb1
For more information
Update 2.9:
  • Speech text alerts to Subscribers and Donate, supports Ivona and Yandex.Speech.
  • Two new modes for alerts: sound and speech text, and only speech text
  • Two new types of alerts: Subscriber (new) and Subscriber (resub). Only to Twitch
  • Utf-8 support for the setting. To support multiple languages ​​in the settings
  • Support of the planned broadcasts on YouTube
  • 6 new simple themes: Fallout 1, 2, 4, and default with black text.
  • Editor log alerts
  • The label Donate_All now works correct
  • New counter - number of spectators on the player Youtube. New tag number of viewers on Youtube
  • Fixed event subscription for the remote control
Update 2.6:
  • Added Remote Control.
  • Allows pushing keys or running scripts on events alerts or keyword from the chat. (IgorGHK)
  • Added limits for donate alerts, if the amount of donate enters the limit, an alert is displayed
  • Fixed output smiles from Youtube, now they displayed correctly (thanks nextg.loki)
  • Added notification window that displays common file alerts, alerts to capture through the window
Update 2.5:
  • In the log of alerts, if the message does not fit in a line, it is stretched in height
  • Fixed tag {text} for Alerts Added 6 themes, 5 of which have been made previously to order, but are now in the public
  • Theme asian-style - archistrategmichael
  • Theme wither-slide - woitler Theme diablo3-gold-slide-in-out - overdose_o_o
  • Theme deusex-zoom-in - Good_Evening
  • Theme diablo3-slide-in-out-left - AloneWave
  • Theme farcry-dlc

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