How to use XSplit's Video File Repair Tool

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015 01:45PM HKT
Have you suffered from a PC crash while you’re local recording? Typically this results in a file that
is unplayable.
However XSplit Broadcaster V2 now includes a tool to repair these video files.
Please note that this only works if .mp4 was selected as the file format.
Here are the steps on how to use the repair tool.
  • First go to your “Recordings” by going to XSplit Broadcaster > Tools > My Recordings
  • Once in the “My Recordings” find the corrupted file or the recorded file, right click on it then click on "Repair File." If the "Repair File" did not appear it is possible that the media file is not corrupted.
  • You can also manually use the "Repair Tool" by going to your XSplit Broadcaster installation folder, right click on your XSplit Broadcaster Shortcut > Properties > Open File Location
  • Once you are in XSplit Broadcaster folder and find “XSplit.RepairFile”. Double click on it to launch Repair File.
  • After launching XSplit.RepairFile click OK. Then locate the corrupted file in your "My Recordings" folder and select the file then click Open to start repair.
  • When finished there will be a prompt saying “Repaired File Successfully.

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