How to recover your lost XSplit Broadcaster Presentation

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2015 08:07PM HKT
If you’ve ever started XSplit Broadcaster and noticed that your presentation is missing, this quick guide will help you quickly recover your presentation.

First, launch XSplit Broadcaster and enter your email and password.


Log in to your account, then while it is initializing, hold down “Shift”. If you’ve set XSplit Broadcaster to automatically log you in, then holding down “Shift” works as well.


While holding down “Shift,” a prompt will appear asking you to select a presentation.


Select “Load a previous system backed up presentation,” then select the date and time that is closest to the presentation you want to restore.


Once you have selected the presentation back up, click “Apply selection and continue.” Your backed-up presentation will now appear in XSplit.


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