What Happened to the Old Forum?

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2015 02:38PM HKT
While our old forum was a great resource in the early days of streaming for our community to interact with each other and our developers, the nature of phpBB meant that user's data was susceptible to attacks, as was shown in 2013. Since then we have revamped our security to prevent such attacks from happening in the future, however as part of these security measures means we finally have to put our old forums out to pasture. We are instead moving over to a support system powered by Desk.com, which also powers the support services for a variety of websites like Twitch, Disqus, Soundcloud, Spotify, and more! You can find out more about our new support system here. Below is a quick FAQ regarding the old support forum.

1. What happens to all the old posts/information in the old forum?
Well will continue to maintain all the contents of the old forum in a hidden archive for our support team to access. Any important guides or tutorials will be transferred to the new support system in the form of articles.

2. Will I keep my username from the old forum?
Unfortunately you will no longer have usernames as those were connected to the old forum database. You will be setting a name "Full Name" when posting questions in the new support system.

3. Can I be administrator or moderator in the new support system?
The only administrators or moderators in the new support system will be XSplit staff.

4. I still want to discuss XSplit with peers rather than XSplit staff, where can I do that?
You can discuss everything XSplit on our reddit! If you ever need to reach out to us, tag us on Facebook or Twitter!

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